The Liking Bias – Why we love hamsters and hate rats

“Have you ever seen a World Wildlife Fund brochure filled with spiders, worms, algae, or bacteria? They are perhaps just as endangered as pandas, gorillas, koalas, and seals – and even more important for the ecosystem. But we feel nothing for them. The more human a creature acts, the more similar it is to us, the more we like it. The bone skipper fly is extinct? Too bad” – Rolf Dobelli, from The Art of Thinking Clearly


Liking Bias - Panda



Liking Bias - Cockroach Praying


Why do we like one picture over another?

Thanks to the “Liking Bias”.

Re-think about the reasons on why you like a photograph, and consider if your personal “Liking Bias” is in play or not.

There is nothing wrong about having this bias, as this is the simple reality for the viewer.

The bigger implication is for the creator of photographs, and the images you intend to convey.

When you create images for “likes”, such images are definitely subjected to the liking bias of the masses.

The question then to you as a photographer is, do you or do you not care? For it is impossible for everyone to like your pictures, as the masses (and their biases) are just as varied as and subjective as they are.

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