How to setup and use focus assist for Ricoh GR

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide on how you can setup and use the “Focus Assist” function in Ricoh GR.

Detailed Step by Step Guide on activating and using focus assist for Ricoh GR:

1) Ensure camera is not on “automatic” or “video mode”.

Step 1 Focus Assist Ricoh GR

Ensure camera is not on “Automatic” and “Video” Mode.

2) Press “Menu” button.
3) Go to “Shooting” Tab.
4) Press down to go to “FA/Move Target”
5) Press right (the flash button next to the Menu button)
Step 3 Focus Assist Ricoh GR

Hit Menu, go to Shooting Tab, look for FA/Move Target, and press right.

6) You will reach this screen.
Step 6 Focus Assist Ricoh GR

Screen display after pressing right in step 5

7) Press “Fn2” button (Trash button)
Step 7 Focus Assist Ricoh GR

Display after pressing Fn2 button in Step 6

8) Press down to “Focus Assist Setting”
9) Press right to select Focus Assist Mode. Here you will see Off, Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 4.
Step 9 Focus Assist Ricoh GR

4 modes available.

10) Press “OK” to select your mode.

What do the various mode mean in terms of focus assist?

I’ll use Mode 2 to explain how this works. Once you select “Mode 2”, you will see this screen with a grey box in the middle.

Mode 2 Focus Assist Ricoh GR

Grey box in middle of the screen when you select Mode 2

You can turn the front dial to expand or contract the size of the grey box.

You can press the + or – button to magnify the area in focus.

How do we know the area/subject we are capturing is in focus?

In mode 2, if we look through the grey box and do a half snap to focus, the area in focus will glow in white in their outlines.

In the following picture, I have focused towards the laptop in the background. Note that the cables and the edges of the laptop is glowing in white, while the duck in the foreground remains dull.

background focus assist ricoh gr

Background laptop edges and cables are in focus, as shown in the white outline glow.

In the next picture, I focused towards the duck in the foreground. Note that the duck features and outlines are glowing, while in the background, the laptop edges and cables are dulled.

foreground focus assist Ricoh GR

Foreground duck is in focus, as shown in the white outline glow of the duck

So what about the other modes?

For Mode 1: this shows a colored box (instead of a grey box), and the outlined area of focus will glow in white. I do not recommend using this as it is difficult to discern the outline compared to Mode 2.

For Mode 3: this too will show a colored box. However, the outlined area of focus will glow in black. Similarly, I do not recommend this as this is hard to notice.

For Mode 4: It is the reversal of Mode 2, except that the outlined area of focus will glow in black instead of white.


I hope this short tutorial guide will help you learn how to setup and use Focus Assist for your trusty little Ricoh GR!

I’m interested to know which modes you use and why, so chime in the comment boxes and share your best practices with this focus assist function. =)

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