Lessons Learnt from John Free Photography

John Free Photography

John Free

I watched this quick 10 minute video on the insights and thoughts shared by John Free’s photography and found this highly inspiring.

Here are some of the select quotes that I’ve picked up from this video:

The product, is a photography, powerful enough to emotionally effect or move the viewer in some way for having seen it.

All day long, you are sweating, working for that purpose.

Try hard to imagine what the viewers are going to see when they look at this particular shot, and it guides me.

Then I have to train my brain. The brain doesn’t want you to become a photographer. The brain wants you to be a smuck walking down a street.

(The brain) is saturated with false beliefs its whole life.

“Be a detective” Robert Frank said.

Excellence in craft, excellence in execution, excellence in showing the shot, excellence in thinking about the shot. That’s the style I want.

Photographers are not supposed to be visible.

The subject is important, not me.

In summary, John focuses deeply on the subject and his viewers, not himself. In his street photography, it is never about himself, but his subjects. And this is how he delivers impact through his photographs, because it’s people, other people like you and me who look at the photographs and take a moment to think about them.

How many of us take pictures and immediately think “I took this awesome picture”?

The judge of quality is always external, not internal. And John Free’s philosophy adheres to that.

It is indeed more than a photography lesson, rather, a purposeful life lesson altogether -Focusing on the excellence of creating and delivering the impact.

Check out his website at John Free Photography and credits to Ted Forbes from the Art of Photography for this great insightful production!


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