Top Inspiring Photography Websites that I Follow

These are my curated list of inspiring photography websites that I follow as a hobbyist photographer – they are curated based on the quality of thought, design and artistic direction in the craft of photography.

Inspiring Photography Websites:

  1. Ming Thein – There are two things about Ming Thein that I respect and find inspiring – 1) he thinks and writes about his photography philosophy alot, and his works reflect his thoughts to a large extent – clean and clear articulation of his subject and ideas. 2) He made his passion his life and took the ballsy move to leave his corporate job to take on photography as his career. Huge respect. I flirt with this dream myself and all it remains is just a fleeting thought and in my realistic judgment, a low possibility of it happening given my current circumstances.

    Ming Thein - Inspiring Photography Website

    Ming Thein

  2. Strobist – Beyond the seemingly poor and outdated website design (think about old school blogspot templates in the 90s), the quality of the instructions provided in this free-to-browse source trumps anything out there in the web. If you want to learn about photography lighting, this is the number 1 go-to-site. You will be amazed by how much you can learn and do as you learn about manipulating lighting to achieve your desired photography vision.

    Strobist - Inspiring Photography Website


  3. Eric Kim – Love this guy. Steps out of his comfort zone, strong work ethic, minimalist by heart, uses a Ricoh GR, thinks and writes about photography alot, and provides so much value in the content he shares.

    Eric Kim. Photo by Luis Donoso. Inspiring Photography Websites

    Eric Kim

  4. The New Yorker Photo Booth – It isn’t so much about the pictures (the quality is great btw), but about the editorial and story telling content that brings out the context of those pictures and puts you in the driving seat of experiencing them. Stories make the picture. I find this a great resource to further improve my journalistic/documentary style of my photography.

    The New Yorker - Inspiring Photography Website

    The New Yorker Aug 25 Story – What we look like when we fall

  5. Time Lightbox – Again, same as above for the journalistic content. Singaporean’s tend to fall and live within this myopic bubble in this tiny red dot, so this is a great resource to keep me grounded and expand my perspectives with stories and events that is happening around the world.

    Times Lightbox - inspiring photography websites

    Times Lightbox

  6.  500px ISO Community – This is a huge photography portal similar to the likes of flickr, but the added value comes in the amazing editorial content produced that is highly inspirational and educational. Public service warning though: you can lose hours of your life immersed in these articles and pictures in here!
    500px ISO - Inspiring Photography Websites

    500px ISO


These websites are responsible for most of my downtime wasted (hopefully not!) and I’ll add more quality sites as I come across them. I’m also curious to the sites you frequent that inspire you, because as a hobbyist photographer, I believe that there are more of these inspirational gems hidden in the massive world wide web that we have yet to uncover! Do share them in the comments below!

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