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Black and white photography websites that inspire

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Here is a curated list of inspiring Black and White Photography Websites that I love:

Cole Thompson Photography. I followed his blog at this separate link and what inspired me was the essential focus on his “personal vision”. It is never the equipment, but the idea and thoughts behind what a final image should look like, before he clicks the shutter. His images steer towards the fine art category, but nonetheless, his images are very distinctive of his personal work. His influence towards my work appears in every photograph I edit. I always question the vision or intended message I want for my picture to communicate. I wish to work this emphasis of vision way before I click the shutter. Its never about the equipment, and to some extent, the settings of your shot. A good photographer should be a master in his equipment to achieve his vision.

Eric Kim Photography. What inspired me with Eric’s work is his amazing work ethic and passion towards his craft. His portfolio is not entirely in black and white, despite his main genre is street photography. He is an amazing writer/blogger and I’d love to have half of his work ethic in maintaining my writing output. He presents as a very reflective and philosophical photographer, and his works reflect his thoughts processes. His blog is a great resource for anyone interested in street photography too! I believe Eric will be one of the main keynote street photographer during this generation.

The B&W Photo. Lovely minimalist website design and beautiful pictures created by Joseph Linaschke. What struck me the most in his pictures is his great subject isolation and composition. The whole minimalism theme and lack of clutter is reflected in his pictures. There is not much cool content in his site, but his pictures and especially his prints-for-sales exude high quality processing work.

Paul Politis Black and White Photography. Paul works mainly with architectural, urban, night and street photography. With 20 years of experience and plenty of beautiful galleries, his images provide a good reference on what “good” black and white photography is about. I wonder what will be “me” if I had 20 years of solid experience in doing photography full-time. To be able to achieve his range of portfolio and work will be a great personal end goal.

The Weekend in Black and White. This blog publishes images submitted by people all over the world on a weekly basis. The inspiring thing about this site is that people are creating amazing images every day and every week. It also provides photographic ideas on what looks great in black and white. If you are stuck in a creative rut, this site makes for enjoyable reading and perhaps a source to rekindle your dying passion for photography.

Keith Dotson Black and White Photography. Another lovely site with a focus on fine art photography. His portfolio, especially those on nature and landscapes, are beautifully curated and distinctive in his personal style. The real value is in his blog though. There is just so much information and commentary from him of his portfolio work. One key learning from him: to stick with a theme/project and produce solid quality images. I am still too scattered with the photography projects and theme as I shoot what I like as of this moment. However, I am already seeing common themes in the photos I shoot. I hope these can be the source of inspiration for me to work at certain themes I have in mind.

Arther Ransome Photography. Go click “View all journal entries” in his site and you will see an awesome gem of resource. He is highly conceptual in his work and his writing, and that always fascinates me. I believe that you can only create within the confines of your worldview. The larger it is, the greater your capacity to create and produce images that are stunning. If you need inspiration, this site gives you just that. Highly enjoyable bed time read on his articles.

I’ll be expanding on this post for a more comprehensive list.

Do you have a site or artist that you go to often for inspiration? Drop them in the comments and I’ll curate them!


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