How to check my Ricoh GR Shutter Count?

I love this camera. It has made a huge difference in the quantity (and probably hence the quality) of shots I’ve taken.

So I got curious and wanted to know what is my Ricoh GR shutter count till date.

Here are the step by step instructions to view this shutter count on your Ricoh GR:


Check Ricoh GR Shutter Count 1

Turn off your camera and select the “Movie” mode.


Check Ricoh GR Shutter Count 2

Press “Playback” and “Display” Button simultaneously for 4-5 seconds

Check Ricoh GR Shutter Count 1

This error screen will appear. Press the right (lighting button) once.

Check Ricoh GR Shutter Count 1

There you go! You get a couple of cool stats, including how many times you have used Macro, turn on/off your camera and how many shots you have taken!

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