How to check my Ricoh GR Shutter Count?

I love this camera. It has made a huge difference in the quantity (and probably hence the quality) of shots I’ve taken. So I got curious and wanted to know what is my Ricoh GR […]

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Classical Art and its relevance to Photography

This video will help you create better pictures. Share this love!

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Photography Impact vs Activity, which matters more?

Recently I had an review of my performance in my corporate job, and one of the key takeaways was the need for me to make this personal value judgement on amplifying my effectiveness (and hence […]

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How to learn photography for FREE

This. The world is a better place with open source knowledge.

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Top Inspiring Photography Websites that I Follow

These are my curated list of inspiring photography websites that I follow as a hobbyist photographer – they are curated based on the quality of thought, design and artistic direction in the craft of photography. […]

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4 Marketing Tips for Photographers

If you are in the business of selling your craft or building a viewership and increasing your reach with your photographs, this post is for you. Today, the craft of photography┬áis at risk (if not, […]

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How to setup and use focus assist for Ricoh GR

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide on how you can setup and use the “Focus Assist” function in Ricoh GR. Detailed Step by Step Guide on activating and using focus assist for Ricoh […]

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RWS SEA Aquarium in Black and White

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How being “present in the moment” can help you clinch a deal.

Recently, my partner and I have began the search for a resale apartment and started to look for potential agents to represent us in this purchase decision. So we met up with 2 young agents […]

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