How being “present in the moment” can help you clinch a deal.

Recently, my partner and I have began the search for a resale apartment and started to look for potential agents to represent us in this purchase decision.

So we met up with 2 young agents today to discuss potential exclusive representation as our buyers’ agent and to “size” them up if they know their stuff and are capable to provide the required services expected as our represented agent.

Halfway through our discussion, the young lady agent picked up her phone and did some texting. I noted her behavior and thought nothing about it. The barrage of questions and answers continued, most of which answered by the more competent male agent.

A few minutes later, the lady agent picked up her phone again and texted. She zoned out of the discussion for a good minute or so. I started to feel a little annoyed.

Then it happened again for the third time.

Immediately, I made my mind to not engage them as my agents.

It was at most a 20 minutes discussion. Yet she could not put down her phone and could not stay focused on our discussion for this short meeting.

It told me that whatever on her phone is more important than our concerns.

It told me that she does not value our discussion at the moment.

It told me that she will not be representing our best interest when the crunch-time of negotiation comes.

She was not present.

She lost the deal.

I felt sorry for her partner. The male agent had answered our questions competently and diligently with utmost professionalism.

I may have engaged him as our agent if he had came alone.


  1. Be present at every engagement.
  2. Bring the right partner or team with you.
  3. Keep the phone away.
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