Bangkok Street Photography – Thailand

This is a short personal curation of Bangkok street photography.

I went there for a short holiday and and spent some time walking the narrow streets near and away from the tourists hot-spots.

It was the raining season when we got there.

The city was wet, grimy and somewhat chaotic (anywhere else in South East Asia, apart from Singapore, is chaotic).

And yes, the tuk-tuks. They are both the solution and the problem to the horrendous traffic in Bangkok.

They were everywhere. The touts were everywhere too! Yet they provide an efficient form of transportation, albeit at a higher costs compared to the more comfortable taxis, which could be hard to access at times.

In the land of smiles, the people are surprisingly pleasant and at ease with their surroundings.

It is a city where people are much kinder to each other. There is less angst in the people during peak hours here, compared to Singapore.

It is a city where people make ends meet with very little, plying their trade and making an honest day of living, despite its huge dependency on tourism.

It is also a city clearly marked with exquisite shopping malls that highlights inequality in glaring fashion.

Alas, this is a city that is photographically rich – with peaceful and beautiful people.

Enjoy this set!

Bangkok Street Photography - Grills Bangkok Street Photography - Zen Master Bangkok Street Photography - Couple Bangkok Street Photography - Running Kid Bangkok Photography - City StreetsBangkok Street Photography - Tuk Tuk Bangkok Street Photography - Weary Traveller on Tuk Tuk Bangkok Street Photography - in the hot seat of a tuk tuk

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